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275B 1St Ave.North

Saskatoon, Sask
Phone: (306) 931-3444

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Welcome at Bakker Brothers Manufacturing

Bakker Brothers Manufacturing Company came into existence in March 1988.
The purpose of the company is to produce the finest solid oak residential furniture.
For the past 22 years, the Company has been providing residents of over two hundred Canadian Communities with their diningroom, livingroom, kitchen and bedroom furniture.

Bakker Brothers Manufacturing Company differs from any other producer in Saskatchewan.
The chief difference is that not only do we manufacture a great variety of tables, case pieces,  bedroom furniture and occassional tables, but also we design and build all of the chairs that we  sell. Bakker Brothers furniture is built using time-perfected methods of construction.

The facts are clear. Bakker Brothers Manufacturing Company possesses the knowledge necessary to build fine furniture. The use of the finest raw materials, hardware and finishes ensures a superior product.
The purchase of Bakker Brothers furniture will give you pleasure and pride for years to come! Take a tour of our website and see what we have to offer.




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